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The garage door is one of the most overlooked yet frequently used entrances to your home. Aeotec’s Garage Door Controller brings the intelligence of the connected-home and Z-Wave to it. Easily connected to your door’s existing motor, Garage Door Controller enhances it with a suite of security and safety sensors.

The smart motor controller is 1 of the 2 parts that makes Garage Door Controller so powerful. Built upon Z-Wave, it connects to your garage door’s existing motor, and is brimming with control and safety features.

Z-Wave network.
The wireless technology used defines how susceptible a device is to attack. Garage Door Controller uses Z-Wave Plus, and avoids WiFi and open communication frequencies commonly used by criminals.

128 bit encryption.
Powered by Aeotec’s Gen5 technology, Garage Door Controller uses encrypted wireless signals to communicate with a Z-Wave network. Gen5 uses the same level of encryption as banks; AES 128-bit.

Better Wireless: Garage Door Controller wireless range 250% faster and communicates over a distances as great as 150 metres.



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Always aware:
Monitor and control your garage door via a smart phone and an Internet connected Z-Wave hub from anywhere in the world.


Complete package:
Garage Door Controller comes with everything you need: the controller, a tilt sensor, and accessories.


Tilt sensor lets you receive notifications when your garage door is opened and shouldn’t be.


Entry log:
Keep a time log of when the garage door has been opened or closed, and receive remote notification when that happens.


Security controller:
Automatically set security cameras connected to your Z-Wave system to record when your door is opened or closed.


Smart control:
Control your garage door from a smart phone or any other Z-Wave controller.


Manual control:
Control your garage door manually via the smart controller’s central push button.


Safety first:
Controller includes a 105dB siren and LED lighting to warn of door closures – keeping your loved ones and property safe from the garage door itself.


Upload MP3 tones:
Customise the controller’s safety tones by uploading MP3s via USB.


Simple install:
Simply connects to your garage door’s existing motor via two cables.