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This Z-Wave MultiSensor 6 is a 6-in-1 Sensor, giving you maximum functionality for your home automation.

Creating an object designed to secure and manage your home takes precision. It also takes subtlety. MultiSensor 6 is perfectly small. Its beautifully tapered, 42 mm body allows it to be used anywhere within the home, but its design and styling hasn’t been crafted simply to be attractive. A squared based allows MultiSensor 6 to offer a battery life of over 2 years, the best of any Z-Wave motion sensor. MultiSensor 6 has been designed with rounded edges to be more than beautiful; it’s been designed so that its presence in a room is never obvious. Subtle is smart.


The MultiSensor 6 delivers the following functions:

  • Motion Sensor
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Light Sensor
  • Humidity Sensor
  • Vibration Sensor
  • UV Sensor



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Tamper protection:

MultiSensor 6 offers tamper protection, constantly monitoring itself to warn of movements or attempts to prevent it securing your home.


Secure communication:

As it secures and monitors your home, MultiSensor 6 is now itself secure. Communication between the sensor and your Z-Wave network is now encrypted using the AES-128 bit data encryption.


Superior wireless:

Further and faster, MultiSensor 6’s wireless signals now reach 50% further, up to 150 metres, and 250% faster.



For superior accuracy, MultiSensor 6 can be calibrated for every room and every environment with manual calibrations wirelessly available for its temperature, humidity, light and UV measurements.


4 times the life:

Forget changing your batteries a few times a year. MultiSensor 6 now works up to 2 years before you need to change batteries offering 4 times the battery life of the first MultiSensor.


Superior quality:

We’ve searched the world for the best sensors to power its 6 sensors. MultiSensor 6’s specialist sensors are now sourced from leading companies in Switzerland and the USA.


Digital light:

Measuring light between 0 lux to 30000 lux, gone is the analogue light sensor with it replaced in MultiSensor 6’s with real-time, digital measurements.