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WallMote is the wall switch that you can install anywhere. Wirelessly.

Whatever the room, whatever the wall, WallMote is perfect. It is the wireless, Z-Wave wall switch that you can place anywhere, on any wall, with as little as double sided tape. Unpack it. Stick it. Charge it. Control is just a tap away.

It is great as the wall switch that you can place anywhere. But WallMote is also the wall switch that you can use anywhere.

Designed for simple recharging and portable use, WallMote’s magnetic mount means that you can simply pull it away from the wall it is mounted on whenever you need it somewhere else. WallMote. Coffee-table-Mote. Bedside-Mote. Anywhere-Mote.


Control a light. Control a room. Control a home.

Because WallMote communicates directly with your Z-Wave gateway, it can be used to control anything that your gateway can. Even things that are not Z-Wave. Smart lighting from Philips Hue? Check. Connected music from Sonos? Easy. If it is connected to your gateway, simply add it to a scene that WallMote can control and it is on top.

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Control on tap:

Control one Z-Wave device. Control many. And all with a single tap.

There is simplicity in tapping touch glass. smartphones proved it. There is power too. Each of WallMote’s buttons can be programmed to control one Z-Wave device or many. Meaning that a single tap on its smooth surface can change a single light, a whole room, or your whole home. Tap good morning. Tap good night. Tap all the moments in between. Tap. Control.


4 touch areas with Tap and Swipe Control:
Control 16 different scenes. WallMote Quad does not just offer control on tap. Each button is touch sensitive, meaning you can access new commands and control scenes simply by holding your finger a little longer. Press and hold. Swipe up. Swipe down. Tap. Through capacitive touch, each of these lets WallMote Quad do something different. Dim lights on a whim. Open curtains to let in a little bit more light. Through the power of touch, WallMote Quad does not just offer whole home control, it offers precise control on demand.


Simple recharging:
Battery powered but without the need to ever change a battery, WallMote Quad is powered by a rechargeable lithium battery designed for smartphones. It recharges just like a smartphone too via the provided micro USB cable.


Small design:
Not just portable, but perfectly balanced. The minimalist design of WallMote Quad measures just 77mm x 19mm.


Extra long Range:
To be used anywhere in your home, WallMote Quad needs to be more than wireless. It need to be impressively wireless. WallMote Quad features a fine-tuned antenna capable of communicating over an open range of over 150 metres.