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While there are many smart automation products available on the market today that control your lighting, pre-programme your coffee machine to start in the morning, or lock and unlock your doors, it’s not until they’re integrated properly that you experience the magic of a truly smart home.

How can home automation better your life?

Imagine waking up in the morning, pressing one button and watching the lights ramp up, enjoying the soft tunes of your chosen playlist, while your coffee machine starts its morning brew as you jump in the shower.

Or leaving to go on holiday and with one press of button, shut the whole house down – lights off, non-essential power points disabled, security system enabled. Not only will you save money from not paying for non-essential appliances to be on standby while you’re away, but you will have the peace of mind of knowing that your home is secure.

Experience the beauty of HomeSYS

What can HomeSYS do for you?

Smart lights and sensors will automatically turn your lights on only when you need them, and off when you don’t, saving you energy and putting more money back in your pocket. Perfect for forgetful children and elderly relatives.

Security Automation allows you to lock down your home when you’re away by activating your security system, turning all lights off and shutting down non-essential appliances, giving you peace of mind that your home is safe.

Allow you to check in on your house when you’re not home. Imagine not having to worry about your kids forgetting their keys. Just log in from the app, check the house is safe, then a press of a button will unlock the front door for them.

Smart power points will allow you to shut down those which do not need to be left on stand-by when you’re not home (like your TV, computer etc) not only reducing the risk of fire, but saving you money by not wasting energy on trickle power.

Control your music. Whether you like some uplifting tunes to get ready in the morning, need a mellow playlist for relaxation, some romantic tunes for date night, or an upbeat one for cleaning, a push of a button will sort it out for you.

Intuitive automation will enhance your life and save you time in your daily life. Imagine not having to wait for the coffee machine to brew in the morning or remember whether you turned the iron off before you left. Seamless simplicity.

Why HomeSYS?

There are many brands offering home automation products and services out there in the market right now.

HomeSYS takes the best of the best of all available technology and packages it into one agnostic solution.

Never will you have to worry about being locked into one brand and relying solely on their development team for upgrades. As technology evolves, you can too.

HomeSYS gives you Freedom, Choice, and Control – future proofing your investment in your home.