Adding automation to your investment property can help to increase the value of your property, give you the opportunity to increase your rental yield, and potentially reduce your landlord insurance premiums by providing a secure home for your tenants.


Technology has become mainstream, making Home Automation an affordable reality of the way some ordinary people live. And with pretty much every adult in the country owning a smartphone, it is now easily accessible to everyone.


3 Reasons Why You Should Include Home Automation in your investment property:

  • 1. Increase the value of your development: Home Automation is one of the hot features buyers look for in today’s housing market, with results proving that many are willing to pay a premium for properties with home automation installed throughout. If you are looking to sell your property in the future, investment in home automation now will not only allow you to enjoy the benefits immediately, but will be the master stroke you need to get the edge over your competitors when it comes time to sell.
  • 2. It will reduce energy costs: Rising energy costs is a very real burden for Australian homes, and one that’s only going to get worse. By installing home automated Smart Lighting, Smart Plugs, Sensors and Switches, and programming them to sync with your daily life usage, you can easily demonstrate the payback on your purchaser’s investment, and leave them with something that’s going to continue to save them money in the long term.
  • 3. Increase security: Installation of automated cameras, door/window sensors and alarms will give your client’s the peace of mind that their home will be safe and secure. If a door or window is opened when it shouldn’t be, an alert will be pushed to their phone, along with a photo of the offending window. Worried about false alarms? Don’t be – Smart sensors have two-step verification systems requiring the presence of human body temperature PLUS movement to activate the alarm, meaning you don’t have to worry about an animal or your curtains setting the alarm off unnecessarily.