Why should I consider smart home technology in general, and smart home products specifically?

It’s been proven that automated, or “smart” homeowners pay less in heating, cooling, and electrical costs. Smart homeowners are the first to know when an alarm battery is low, a bulb is out, or a leak has sprung. And smart home products help the planet: they boost energy and water savings by closely monitoring resource use. Access to locks, lights, and alarms is always just a touch away.

I’m not technology savvy, and I’m afraid I won’t be able to install/manage my smart home. Is a smart home right for me?

Installing home automation products is easier than ever before, thanks to streamlined, lightweight, robust technology designed to last for years. Plus, many home automation products and their manufacturers, prioritise interoperability and functionality in the certification process, so you can rest assured knowing that your automated home will evolve with your family’s needs. With the right home automation products, you can easily transform your house into a smart, automated home that streamlines your energy bills, boosts your family’s comfort, and enhances security, inside and out. However, if you’re not comfortable with or are unable to install your system, we can assist you.

How will home automation improve my life?

Home automation products mean that you’ll never have to rush home from work to turn off the lights, for example, or shut off the water. You won’t have to wonder anymore whether you left a device turned on, and when you go on vacation, you’ll rest easy knowing that intruders will be dissuaded by home automation technology in place. With home automation products, you’ll have your finger on your home’s pulse – even if you’re out of the country.

How do I get a Home Automation system started?

In most cases, you will need your devices to be paired to a central controller (gateway). However, we offer a range of devices you can interact with solely by the use of your mobile/tablet. We offer a range of products and services to meet your capability needs – have a browse of our packages here, and select the package that best suits you, to be guided through to the next steps.

What is Z-Wave?

Z-Wave is the leading smart home technology found in millions of products around the world. It is a wireless technology that will not interfere with your Wi-Fi signal and operates on low power. When Z-Wave technology is utilised inside everyday products such as locks and lights, these products become “smart” – giving them the ability to talk to each other and enabling you to control the devices and thus your home, from anywhere.

How does Z-Wave work?

Z-Wave is a wireless radio frequency technology that lets smart devices talk to and connect with one another. Household products, like lights, door locks and thermostats are made “smart” when Z-Wave connectivity is added inside the product’s design, giving them the capability to communicate and perform the desired functions that you want.

Z-Wave operates wirelessly and securely. The devices can be easily accessed and controlled remotely on your smartphone, tablet or computer so you can control your smart home from anywhere in the world! The Z-Wave hub receives a command from you via your smartphone, tablet, or computer and routes the command to the destination device.

How many Z-Wave devices can I control?

Z-Wave is a highly scalable technology – it can control anywhere from one device all the way up to 232 devices in just one smart home network. With Z-Wave you can build your smart home one device at a time – adding more smart home products when it suits you.

How do I get a Z-Wave Home Automation system started and what do I need to start?

You will need a gateway and a few devices to start with, but you can expand your network as need arises. We offer a range of products and services to meet your capability needs – have a browse of our packages here, and select the package that best suits you, to be guided through to the next steps.

I’ve heard about “scenes” – how do those fit into smart home product technology?

Many smart home product providers, including Z-Wave, allow users to set “scenes” – combinations of appliances and controls designed to turn on or off simultaneously. So it’s movie night with one touch – sound, screen, lights, and shades are all activated simultaneously. Or, set a “scene” for when you arrive home after a long day at work – or a long week on the road. With a few clicks, you can have coffee brewing and music playing the moment you walk through your front door.

Do you offer a warranty?

Yes, we offer a warranty period of 12 months for Hardware from the date of delivery, or 90 days for Software from the date of delivery.

Please refer to Section 8 of our Terms and Conditions of Trade for details.

Where do you deliver?

We deliver Australia-wide, and shipping costs for all products purchased through this website will be calculated automatically in the checkout.

Our Standard Lead Delivery time is 7-10 days from receipt of your order and completed payment.


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