Our family, our assets and our safety are the most precious things in our lives.

Securing our homes using automation can provide us with the visibility and peace of mind of knowing that our families and belongings are safe, 24/7.


Security Automation technology has advanced exponentially over the past 5 years, making sophisticated, easy to use systems accessible for every day Australians. At HomeSYS, we have partnered with the world’s leaving innovators to curate a package of the best of the best smart sensors, cameras, alarms and software, easily customisable to suit your home and your needs.

With the advancement of smartphone technology, all devices are easily installed and paired throughout the home, so that your security system is up and running quickly and easily.

HomeSYS Home Automation | iHome Security Automation Kit

Our aim is to provide you with a fit-for-purpose automated security system, not lock you into one brand. We offer an agnostic solution, which allows you the freedom to upgrade your products as global technology advances – future-proofing your investment.

In addition to this, we know our customers are house-proud and design savvy, so we are pleased to say that gone are the days of bulky, ugly looking cameras and alarms, drawing unwanted attention around your home! We offer a range of sleek and stylish devices, with a minimalist footprint, ensuring that your security automation blends seamlessly into its surroundings.

HomeSYS Home Automation | Aeotec Z Wave Door Window Sensor 6

We have a range of services available, so whether you’re a tech savvy DIY enthusiast who enjoys buying and installing your own products, or a time poor person who would prefer to come home to a completely installed, done-for-you solution, we cater to you.